The story of Monteseel as related in 1950 A.D.

    Monteseel was proclaimed a township in 1950 A.D.
    In the dim dark ages of 3000 years ago, that is 1000 B.C. a tree began to grow. It just lives on and on while history rolls by. Oh! If only it could speak, what a tale it would tell! This tree is living at Monteseel, is vigourous and still bearing fruit!
    What better proof can you have of an ideal and steady climate for living conditions? A perfect balance between: –
    Heat and cold
    Drought and rain
    Calm and storm
    Humidity and dryness
    As if this were not enough, throughout the ages a scenic setting, described by the National Geographic Magazine of America as one of the Seven Wonders of Southern Africa, has veen moulded by nature right round Monteseel. This vista of panoramic beauty, including the Valley of the Thousand Hills, is the pride of Monteseel, queen of residential townships.