If you live in Monteseel you are part of the Monteseel Conservancy.

Monteseel is surrounded by public land which is zoned Environmental Protection Reserve and contains natural forest and grassland. Some of the grassland is KZN Sandstone Sourveld, an endangered veld type, of which only 2% remains in the eThekwini Metro, and it is said to be nearly as unusual and diverse as the Cape Fynbos. The zoning is in the process of being upgraded to Nature Reserve. We are therefore privileged to live in our ‘own’ Nature Reserve.

D’MOSS is a tool used by the eThekwini municipality to identify areas where there may be unusual plants, habitats or unspoilt environments that can be preserved, or that are important to clean the air and water in our area – this maintains the health of the environment and subsequently our health as well. Many of the properties around the edge of Monteseel have parts that have been designated D’MOSS.

We support the enforcement of the following laws and bylaws:

1. No dumping of anything anywhere- every bit of land is owned by someone.
2. eThekwini is a smoke free zone. Burning deprives the soil of nutrients and pollutes the air. Make a compost heap from leaves and grass cuttings. Permission to burn has to be obtained from the municipality and the fire department. If you use a cartage service please make sure that they use an official municipal site.
3. Invasive Alien Plants must be removed or managed in your garden and on your verge.
4. Dogs are a threat to the buck and small mammals in the area. Please keep your dogs in your property or on a lead if in a public space.

In addition we ask that you:

1. Minimise the use of household poisons, pesticides and herbicides. They enter the food chain and are a threat to the environment and the wildlife; birds, butterflies and bees in particular.
2. Recycling is important for many reasons. Please find a local Recycling Depot for glass, tin and paper. Unfortunately most depots don’t take plastic and the orange bag collection seems to be erratic.

The park was created by local residents and the maintenance of it is supervised by the conservancy committee. It can be used by residents, but please leave it as you find it and park your cars on the verge outside. The park can be booked for small gatherings of family and friends. We charge a fee for this and can give you access to the toilets and electricity.

If you need any information on garden maintenance, or local plants, birds and animals; or would like to be actively involved in the conservancy, please contact Anne or Sylvia- see contact details below.

With thanks from

James, Anne, Sylvia, Nancy and Carrie Lee.