Monteseel - A slice of Heaven

Monteseel is just past the halfway mark on the Comrades route. It’s nestled in the Valley of 1000 Hills between Drummond and Cato Ridge. The climate is moderate throughout the year, in summer often peaking at 40+ degrees and in winter the average temperature is around 16 to 20 degrees. Monteseel has a lot of mist through the summer months. It is surrounded by cliffs almost the whole way around and has views second to none. On a clear day one can see the ocean and even the ships in the east and in winter the snow on the tops of the Drakensburg.

The Monteseel Conservancy

Our mission is to promote, through sound management principles, the conservation and maintenance of the total environment in the Monteseel area.

Monteseel Community Policing Sub-Forum

A community that stands together.
We endeavor to make Monteseel a safe place to live. If you mess with one of us you mess with ALL of us…

The beginning of Monteseel

At the entrance to Monteseel are two stone buildings being the surgery of the local doctor.

Elsje De Kock seems to be one of the earliest owners of Monteseel and probably farmed wattle there although wattle was farmed in the area as early as 1870.

Dr Angus Seele bought the land from her on 25th April 1951.

The first survey of Monteseel being done in 1949 and the township of Monteseel was registered on the 14th May 1951.

Nowadays Monteseel is famous for it’s rock climbing and the first routes were climbed in the 1940’s.

The story of Monteseel as related in 1950 A.D.

Monteseel was proclaimed a township in 1950 A.D.
In the dim dark ages of 3000 years ago, that is 1000 B.C. a tree began to grow. It just lives on and on while history rolls by. Oh! If only it could speak, what a tale it would tell! This tree is living at Monteseel, is vigourous and still bearing fruit!
What better proof can you have of an ideal and steady climate for living conditions? A perfect balance between: -
Heat and cold
Drought and rain
Calm and storm
Humidity and dryness
As if this were not enough, throughout the ages a scenic setting, described by the National Geographic Magazine of America as one of the Seven Wonders of Southern Africa, has veen moulded by nature right round Monteseel. This vista of panoramic beauty, including the Valley of the Thousand Hills, is the pride of Monteseel, queen of residential townships.

A further endowment of nature is abundance of water, an absolute essential for household requirements and beautiful gardens.
Monteseel is 2700 feet above sea level, and on clear days you can see the Indian Ocean. In winter the snow on the Drakensberg is visible.
Vegetables thrive at Monteseel summer and winter. With the absence of frost, luscious tomatoes, etc. can be grown throughout winter. All sub-tropical fruits do well.
Beautiful flowers grow all the year round. The soil is rich, loose and well drained.
As far as you are concerned this would be Utopia, but with man’s contribution in building centres of business and culture within easy reach of Monteseel, in constructing macadamized roads from such centres to Monteseel and in laying electric current to Monteseel, this Utopia has become a reality.